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IOTech Education

We are the Academy

We are An ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization for quality. NGO is desperate to help people and generate jobs in the market. We train people to get a job or to be self-employed. We hat executed so many projects like RDP (Rural Development Project ), we trained thousands or rural people where a computer is not available. SCS, we provided the Scholarship to the government school students where computer education is not available properly.

DDP (Dooars Development Project) Dooars is full of greenery mountains, from that place we train the student. FCC(Free Computer Course) students are not able to pay the fees we trained them free of cost. CAP(Computer Awareness Program) project to make the people aware of the importance of Computer Education.

Meet the Members

Goutam Saha
Santosh Pandit
Tapan Balo
Ranjit Mahato
Area Manager
Rimpa Choudhury
Social Worker
Rinku Roy
Social Worker
Pradip Saha
Social Worker
Sanjib Ghosh
Social Worker
Sandip Roy
Social Worker
Hemanto Roy
Social Worker
Dharmendra Oraon
Social Worker
Purna Prasad Sharma
Social Worker
Biswajit Kumar Sha
Social Worker